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DailyWatch Talks #152

In this episode we start with two novelties: the Nomos Club Sport Neomatik 37 and the Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon 20th anniversary watch. We also touch special watches at the upcoming Phillips Watch Auction in Geneva. One of the highlights is the Zenith x Voutilainen x Phillips.

DailyWatch Talks #152

In this episode we start with two novelties: the Nomos Club Sport Neomatik 37 and the Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon 20th anniversary watch. We also touch special watches at the upcoming Phillips Watch Auction in Geneva. One of the highlights is the Zenith x Voutilainen x Phillips.

Transcript of this podcast 🦻

DailyWatch Talks #152

[00:00:00] Nick: Welcome to Daily Watch talks number 152. Um, and, uh, we have a lot to discuss. We are gonna share with you some insights, thoughts, and observations on, uh, the current auction season, which is coming up early November, uh, with a lot of, uh, high end auctions in Geneva. And of course a lot of novelties. That’s a lot of novelties.

[00:00:24] Same as last week, right? There is, that’s

[00:00:26] Kristian: like, uh, every day, new models just popping in, more traveling than ever to see the novelties. And I think that travels these days are not only about the, the, the, the novelties. I think it’s also important for many of the brands to emphasize the importance of their product, if you like.

[00:00:44] Um, and with that, I was with Nomos. Yeah. Came home last night. So that was, um, they had seminars, uh, summits, if you like, the forum Yeah. For, for four days in a church because Noma, [00:01:00] you know, they produced their watches in in, in Glatter. They own a church in Glatter. So it was funny to see one of the CEOs over.

[00:01:08] Standing as a minister within the church talking to his community, Us, the press. They

[00:01:12] Nick: own the church.

[00:01:13] Kristian: They own the church. That’s fun. Yes. Okay. So it’s really cool. Yeah. Uh, and it’s, and quite a walk. And, and uh, they came up with two, uh, really good looking, I have to admit. Uh, no matter the light, they are really good looking.

[00:01:27] So they have this blue that they call a polar and they have a petrol, which is greenish. It’s weird to call it a petrol because it’s actually more. So it’s a 37 club. Yeah. Uh, it’s a great, great looking watch with a perfect bracelet. And the prize of 2,750 again just emphasizes how can, you know, the, the, the prizes of no watches can be so good when the watches are also better than good.

[00:01:55] But, you know, having a look at that manufacturer and they, and meeting that, you know, they’re so [00:02:00] transparent. I hope they’re doing 95% in house just a little. You know, like a kilometer outside glass futu, but still within the region. So it’s still very much made in glass Uta.

[00:02:11] Nick: So wait, you have to club 37 millimeters?

[00:02:14] Steel, steel bracelet. Mm-hmm. ? Nematic. It’s a nematic,

[00:02:18] Kristian: Yes.

[00:02:19] Nick: For 2,702.

[00:02:22] Kristian: 2,780

[00:02:24] Nick: years. That is a damn good prop. But it’s

[00:02:27] Kristian: interesting because, uh, I, I sat next to, with the CEO at the dinner on, on the, on the night I arrived. And you know me, I always want to know the production numbers. Yeah, yeah, yeah. , I, he’s a super, super nice guy.

[00:02:41] He’s, you know, soft spoken, you know, he likes his wine. He’s a good guy. And he says, We do a little more than Lange and a lot less than Rolex. And, you know, Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s funny, you know, but I heard that from everybody at Nomos seeing exactly the same thing. So the annual production numbers of Nomos is a [00:03:00] little more than Lang.

[00:03:00] And a lot less than

[00:03:01] Nick: Rolex. So that’s between 4,000 and a million pieces. Approximately. Well,

[00:03:06] Kristian: more than that. So it’s, it’s 5,000 plus. Yeah. Anyway, you know, the, the, the charming people, um, what was really interesting, they have a lawyer, uh, who did a long speak in German. It was like translated into my headphone.

[00:03:21] About the importance of maiden glass suter. It isn’t as important as Swiss mate and, uh, they have been fighting for, for, for the regulations and. Glasso, Organal, No, et c cetera, they all have to produce within those criteria that we know from the Swiss made criteria as well. Okay? Right now it’s 50%, um, of, of the work carried out in Glass Root and, and the region just around.

[00:03:53] Nick: That’s perfect. And just for you, because not every one of you will be frequenting a glass rooter a lot, but Glass Rooter is [00:04:00] really a, the centerpiece of German watchmaking. It’s a small, uh, town. I think it’s about 3000 in Ence, and they have 10, at least 10. Uh, watch brands that I know of. Yeah. And they’re all in the same proximity.

[00:04:14] So when you are at the Square with, with the, uh, the, the center of the town, you see all the brands in your view, TMA Lang. Glacier to now. Moritz, Crossman No. And so on unk. So it is really, uh, yeah, it is really an important place outside of Switzerland where, uh, where watchmaking is in the very highest team.

[00:04:36] Kristian: Yeah. Anyway, we’re just gonna show the pictures of those two, uh, Club Sport Nematic really cool watches. 37 millimeters, great size. Yeah. Cut them on. I like them. Congratulations to Nomos.

[00:04:49] Nick: Great people. Then you brought, um, uh, Linda Verland. Yeah,

[00:04:52] Kristian: it’s all about the anniversaries. Uh, Linda Verland is turning 20 this year.

[00:04:57] So yesterday when I came back home that this was [00:05:00] on my doorstep, well, it was not on my doorstep, of course, it was inside my home. Um, so this is the octopus moon. Three dt, P three dtp, uh, black ink. And, um, it’s the moon phase as we know it. Yeah. But. On the other moon faces, it, it, it looked like the photography of the moon from 1969, whereas this is more graphic, this is more white.

[00:05:26] Uh, but you know, the dial is like really, really dark and, uh, the carbon fiber makes it really light. Without the strap it’s 60 grams. So another cool watch from, from Linda Verlin, Uh, they are really doing. . Uh, and this is a cool, it’s not a line extension, it’s just another material for the moon phase, so it’s around 20,000 euros.

[00:05:48] So, uh, we jump from NoMo to Linda Verland, but again, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s also the, the use of materials, um, and. If this was an ap, it will probably be

[00:05:59] Nick: [00:06:00] 40,000. I must admit, I have the deepest respect for Y in how he keeps the spirit going on with the brand, uh, which still has and keeps and maintains a unique position in ology.

[00:06:12] So, uh, really good coffee. Kudos to Linda Verlin. Yeah. Uh, are we ready for the auction season or is anything else? Sure. Kick. Kick it off, uh, a few weeks ago. We, uh, already discussed with you, um, the, the George Daniels pieces that will be auctioned on November. With Phillips in Geneva. Yeah. We even touch them, or almost touch them, uh, at a private dinner here in Copenhagen because the watches are, are, are making a world tour.

[00:06:39] They’re debt important. Um, but the auction on November 6th is more than the tree Daniels’. So we, we leave the Daniels now because we already treat them. Um, And we move into a few pieces. I wrote down a few pieces that I think from a personal point of view are interesting that will be [00:07:00] auctioned in November 6th.

[00:07:01] I want to start with the Zenit, Vti line and Phillips one. You like that one, huh? I like that one. And you probably remember that earlier this year there was this announcement by Phillips that they. Initiated a watch, a very limited edition of 10 pieces by zit, uh, finished by a voodoo line. And, and, and the center of the watch is a unique, uh, movement.

[00:07:26] Um, uh, the 1, 3 5 oh from 1953 actually, it’s a caliber that was in those days, a serial winner. Uh, uh, at, at and won many prices, more than 230 Ops observatory prices, including the one in, in no chattel. So really, uh, um, uh, an, an upscale movement. But al of course, 90 53, uh, uh, um, the story is that Orel and his team asks Senate if they still had any of those movements around.

[00:07:58] And to their surprise, [00:08:00] they. A few. So they ask Gary Vti liner to, uh, to finish it, to make it, uh, up to date in terms of looks same for the Dow. And they make 10 pieces all that quickly. Now they have an 11th one. Of course they do. And there is something unique on this one. It’s not only the Dow color, which is salmon, it’s also the case material.

[00:08:20] It’s no

[00:08:21] Kristian: bm, so it takes 10,000 tons of M to get 30 gram. No, that’s Osmium. That’s oum. That’s

[00:08:29] Nick: osmium. Ah, sorry. No, noum is, is is an stainless steel alloy. Uh, um, and I, I, I quickly dove into it, but I’m not an, uh, a physician, so I’m not really understand what, what it does. It, it’s, it has the hardness of pure titanium and the ductility of iron.

[00:08:48] But what the hell is ductility?

[00:08:50] Kristian: Well, I know that nobody is the name of, uh, good friends of mine and his wife’s, uh, furniture. . That’s all I know

[00:08:56] Nick: about that. That’s probably is, but at least this one, It’s a unique [00:09:00] piece, um, that the proceeds will go to, to charity. Mm-hmm. . And, uh, the expectation is a hundred to to 200,000 Swiss Franks, which was, I think the 10 pieces sold for 130.

[00:09:12] Swiss on the 30,000, so probably it will be more because we know Phillips is always conservative in their estimations. But we’ll see. I think it’s a very interesting piece. I like it. I was thinking about the

[00:09:25] Kristian: topic.

[00:09:26] Nick: The topic. Yeah. I posted that this morning. That’s why I had the numbers in my head. The topic is, uh, is, is osmium and that that is really, uh, uh, the, the rarest of the platinum family when it comes to, uh, to precious metals.

[00:09:40] Kristian: That was pretty weird. Go check, uh, Nick’s Instagram account if you want info on that. S it’s, it’s, it’s crazy. So that was the auctions. Um, there’s one thing that I really would like. Oh, are you done? No, I’m not done.

[00:09:52] Nick: No, you’re not done. Sorry. Sorry. No, I saw some, uh uh, yeah. What is, uh, [00:10:00] a few protects at 24 19 9 and, uh, a perfect trio of 59 seventies.

[00:10:06] In all the materials. Mm-hmm. , they will come at the auction as well. Uh, a voodoo line, a chronometer in, in a square case, which is quite unique. I’m not too worried about the unique pieces. They will probably reach records

[00:10:19] Kristian: again, I, I think the 59 seventies, we, we saw one of them, uh, when, uh, when Phillips was visiting in Copenhagen.

[00:10:25] Yep. To me, that’s the perfect watch. I think the legibility, the size, the lemon movement inside that to me is, As Alex Godby actually said, uh, while we were talking, it’s the perfect one watch collection. I still think it’s, it’s one of the, the most beautiful watches ever made. Everything on that watch is absolutely perfect.

[00:10:47] I wouldn’t play tennis with it though, .

[00:10:50] Nick: It’s, Well, let’s see what, uh, what the mar, how the market will respond.

[00:10:54] Kristian: Yeah. But if you, if you like that watch, you get all three. true. So you get rose gold, white, [00:11:00] gold, platinum,

[00:11:00] Nick: platinum. Yeah. And there all will be auctioned. Uh uh um, at the seven. Christi is doing a legendary watch.

[00:11:07] Collection si also on the sixth or the seventh. Um, and what, what I noticed there, it’s, it’s actually a, a large part of the lots are, uh, from one collection from, um, serial collector. And, um, what what struck me was a beautiful collection of 12 pieces. We like, she. Or not vintage, but pre-owned or from the early two thousands with a strong focus on the Ferrari pieces.

[00:11:39] And then, you know, Ferrari and Chico. It’s probably not the most collectible of watches, but this is actually interesting because there are some unique pieces. One is a unique square tool beyond, uh, um, what was it called? It was not triple Bridge. Not a triple bridge. No. It was a single tubo with a, um, um, with a.

[00:11:58] Dow and Ferrari [00:12:00] logo, which is quite unique. Nice. But he’s also bringing in unique fbe uh, um, titanium, sorry, a platinum sent graph in red also with the Ferrari logo. And on the June, that’s, um, well that’s, uh, that’s a,

[00:12:17] Kristian: who convinced Mr. FSU to do that? He must be a strong. .

[00:12:23] Nick: Well actually, uh, uh, I was with Sean, you know, uh, a few months ago.

[00:12:27] Yeah, yeah, yeah. We discussed, Okay, what is the strategy of Mr. June? How does he get from 19 nine to here? Mm-hmm. . And then on the one hand they said, Well, he is very, he’s a strong personality course. Yes, yes, yes. He knows everything. It seems like everything is planned from year to year. And then I ask, Okay, but why did they do in 2000.

[00:12:49] uh, an aluminum watch with the local of sh Ali and the Indy 500 . And then they said, Well, Mr. Sh Ali is a friend. Yeah. [00:13:00] That’s the

[00:13:00] Kristian: reason. So you have to be, you have to be friend of the house to get those odd pieces out. Yeah. See, would I like, uh, the, the, the horse on, uh, Onb show? My answer would be no.

[00:13:10] Absolutely not. Would I appreciate it on a, on a GP more? Absolutely. But I think what, what, uh, what I like about the, uh, you know, Panerai did not have any log with it. Uh, Long Shin did not. No, Catchy did not. Um, actually the, the ones that Long Shin did were really cool. From my, from my youth around the eighties.

[00:13:30] Just the eighties, right? Yeah. But, um, but, uh, what I like about the GP was basically they just used the watches that they had, They didn’t develop a brand new series. No. So you get the beauty of the, of the chronographs, you get the beauty of the lato, you get the beauty of the tubs, um, um, with a printing horse.

[00:13:52] Nick: Yeah. And I remember in the eighties you also had this, um, uh, this che or it’s, it was never revealed if it’s really [00:14:00] cache the Ferrari form

[00:14:01] Kristian: series. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think it was produced by ka. Yeah. Yeah. But the movements Well, KA didn’t make the move. No, that’s true. That’s, that’s true.

[00:14:11] Nick: Could be anything collectible as well.

[00:14:13] And, and they’re, they’re up for snaps. What else

[00:14:16] Kristian: is at the auction?

[00:14:17] Nick: Um, unique . Historic piece. Unique minute Peter with the Westminster Chime.

[00:14:25] Kristian: Fuck. See, the thing is we probably would not have gone ape yet on that two years ago. No, no. Uh, but I think what, what is happening, We are not gonna repeat ourselves about our love for power, John these days, but it’s just really important and this is how you remake a.

[00:14:45] True. You become extremely collectible at auctions. People start looking at QU 24. I did that recently. Enterprises

[00:14:52] Nick: are going up. This one is out of my reach to be honest. It’s 80 220,000 Swiss Franks, uh, estimate. [00:15:00] Um, but that’s a

[00:15:01] Kristian: Westminster gun. Let’s say it, it hammers at 18. ,

[00:15:05] Nick: I’m really, Wow. I’m, I’m following that one with, with, with a specific interest to see how the market responds and if the market picks up Kaja, uh, uh, at auctions, they certainly deserve it.

[00:15:17] So let’s, uh, let’s see what happens there. Um, yeah, another one, and that’s one of my favorites. I know you like it too. It’s a grand complication, IWC from the early 90. That is really a childhood hero, but

[00:15:30] Kristian: that was one of the, you know, that was big complications of IWC back then. That was a super expensive

[00:15:36] Nick: watch.

[00:15:36] Yeah, it was. It was back then already a hundred thousand plus. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely.

[00:15:40] Kristian: 250 much so it was a very expensive watch. I, I had it on an expo in 2010, I think, and they came up, you know, with a special box and I, I could have it on the expo for about two days, and back then it was $250,000.

[00:15:54] Yeah. I’m like, okay. That was, you know, in 2010, that was super

[00:15:58] Nick: expensive. That was super, One of the [00:16:00] most expensive probably. Yeah. And right now it is, uh, um, around 60, 80 is the market value really? A lot of money. But that’s pre-owned Of course, of course. Pre-owned, Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. So we’ll see. Uh, that’s about it.

[00:16:14] I heard also a press release by Christy’s Dead Day, Auction of vintage Patek with Che on the down.

[00:16:22] Kristian: Nice. So that’s retail by catchier. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. That’s double

[00:16:26] Nick: name that matters. That’s double name. That matters. And you won’t see them that often. No. So that will be, uh, that will be a blue chip, uh, watch coming up, I think.

[00:16:36] Yeah, that’s about it. Of course. Lots of others. I invite you. Uh, just for fun, if you have a spare hour on the weekends, uh, check the, the Christy’s website, check the Philip’s website, and browse through, uh, watches that you dream of or that you are probably planning to, to bid. Because, uh, next month it’s, uh, it’s there.

[00:16:56] Kristian: And let’s, uh, take it down in prizes a little bit. [00:17:00] Let’s talk about the longing. Long chain has a hundred 90th anniversary this year, and, uh, they’ve come out with some really nice pieces. Um, the most recent one and the last one that celebrates the hundred, uh, nineties anniversary is a record chrono. So it’s a 40 millimeter.

[00:17:18] It has a gorgeous black face and guilt hands and markers, and a touchy meter, which is quite unusual. Uh, and it just, it oos this forties, fifties look and design. It’s 40 millimeters. As, as I mentioned, it’s Kos, uh, which the, I think some of the heritage chronographs, they, uh, tend to be, and it has a salium hairspring and it’s 3,100 euro.

[00:17:44] Again, you get a lot of watch. Uh, it’s not an in-house movement. Longing do not do No, but they have it a do movement modifications for them that is only used by long shin. This one is not the exception. [00:18:00] So, uh, really, really nice. Uh, the, the record collection was debuted in 2017. Yeah. So now six years snow, five years in it is the, Last celebration of the hundred 19th anniversary of a long gin great brand have to admit they’re coming out with, uh, as many people ride on, uh, on my Instagram account whenever I, I post a long, she there hitting it out of the ballpark.

[00:18:29] What do you mean by dead? You know, it’s just perfect. It’s just Okay. Okay. Home run on that.

[00:18:33] Nick: Yeah, Home run, Home run. I, I like the purity they, they put into, especially their, their, their chronograph pieces. Mm-hmm. , it’s, it’s, uh, it’s a super cool brand. Yeah.

[00:18:43] Kristian: I had the, our, our good friend Martin, who’s now, uh, residing in Asia.

[00:18:47] Yeah. He’s now the, the, the country manager of Swatch group in Asia. Yeah. And, uh, he wrote to me, I really like this one. Yeah. I really like this one. So he works, you know, Forwar group and, and you know, he appreciates his own products. Well, good on [00:19:00] him. Good on New Martin. If you are. Hope you’re good out there.

[00:19:03] Another fun thing that is not going through the roof in terms of of pricing, but in terms of fun mm-hmm. is to t your mar card. Yeah. That is a chronograph and a turbio at around, let’s just say the price first, 25. So 25,000 may sound expensive, but if you consider it’s the highest zero two, uh, in-house movement, and also it has a tube beyond, then you would probably reconsider if you claim it.

[00:19:34] It was expensive. See, of course, it’s, it’s, it’s work done with Nintendo and, um, Mario. Yeah, . The details on the tool beyond which we will show right here is. Nothing but fun and it made me consider if this is a, um, an inexpensive competitor to the rich shit mill [00:20:00] Smiley, which I also think is fun. If you look at that asshole Putin, what he’s doing right now, I think we need fun.

[00:20:08] We need colors, We need bright watches. We need the fun on our watches. So we look at it, we forget to look at the time, but we just smile. I think the Richard Male smile, I think the Mario card, uh, those are watches that we need right now. I don’t need it in my collection at all. I can’t afford it, but I need to read the press releases.

[00:20:29] I saw, uh, what Anna was sitting at his home in, in Cypress, and talking about the watch. I didn’t know it. It actually existed. I had no press release at, No, it

[00:20:37] Nick: was just there. It was just there. I I had no idea. Actually, they released two, right? They also released,

[00:20:41] Kristian: Yeah. There’s also a chronograph for chronograph.

[00:20:43] So the chronograph is, Well, the, the chronograph tru belong is 250 pieces. Okay. So the chronograph is a lot more, It’s around 4,000 years I think. I didn’t look much at the chronograph because this one truly. Had my full attention.

[00:20:59] Nick: [00:21:00] So you expect maybe that in the next period of time we will, we will see more extrovert, fun watches, bright colors, something that we, Because we need that smile

[00:21:10] Kristian: in.

[00:21:10] We need to smile situation, but also some, some conduit. I’m not expecting fun from Brox. I don’t expect fun from Patek Philippe. No. . You know, they, they, they’re right out there in the stables. Yeah. I’m not gonna talk about AP because they’ve done. I don’t even think they’re fun, but they’re doing so many royal oaks that that’s probably not a single one that you could produce.

[00:21:35] Well, actually not true. That’s not true. We saw that Matt Gallery, exactly. The Matt Gallery, Royal Oaks were pink and they were coated, Of course, pink and light, blue and yellow coated obviously, because it was, it was coming off. But I thought, is this a a, Is this a fake? Is it a amash or what is it? Not only it was Mad Gallery in Paris.

[00:21:54] Who, um, yeah, who made these special edit dishes really, really cool, but also

[00:21:59] Nick: with [00:22:00] concepts was fine. They, they do add a touch of at least a touch of out of the ordinary. Well,

[00:22:05] Kristian: the Marvel is probably fun to some people. Yeah. The Royal also Marvel. Yeah. Sorry, I forgot about that one. That is actually fun. And I saw when I was visiting AP.

[00:22:15] I saw a case back, uh, with the Star Wars engraving. That is fun. Of course, that is individually customizations something we are gonna talk about very

[00:22:26] Nick: soon. Yes. Let’s, uh, uh, let’s keep that in mind. Let’s keep that in mind. We will come up with something very special with a brand pretty soon. Yeah, true.

[00:22:37] Kristian: Um, one other thing that I really, really like, Is the art deco alphabet that sh came up with.

[00:22:46] Did you read about that?

[00:22:47] Nick: I read it. I read it, but I didn’t. It’s a lettering

[00:22:50] Kristian: artist is called Alex Tr. I think that that’s our or tr something. Uh, he came up with this beautiful alphabet [00:23:00] and he created the whole, of course, inspired by art deco. It’s called the 1931 Alphabet. Mm-hmm. . And I think that that is gorgeous.

[00:23:08] Again, it’s not fun, it’s just. Brilliant and it fits the HIO collection so well. 1931. Yeah. And of course it inspires to use that a typography when you engrave the protective case back of a Hi Vaso when you turn it around and it doesn’t have a dual function there of course. And then you use that alphabet for getting your initials or a Love your message, something like that.

[00:23:32] It is so elegant. It’s so elegant and I didn’t see it coming and it was just a really great press. From sh Cooler coming up with that one. Uh, other great for them was that they now have an ta Joy. Yeah. As the ambassador. Uh, I love her. The, the gambit. What was it called? Uh, Gambit, Queen of Gambit. Gambit Queen something.

[00:23:58] Okay. Chess [00:24:00] movie on. My son and I, we just ate that series. That is a brilliant series. Of course, I’ve seen her in other movies, but now she’s, uh, she’s with Chase la. Okay. Yeah, she just pops. . Wow. It’s, it’s, uh, she’s a great addition to a great and elegant Maison in, but

[00:24:17] Nick: that’s also inspiring in, in, in hard times.

[00:24:19] Fun is not only about bright colors and, uh, and, and p men or, or Mario. It’s, it’s also about beauty. Yeah. And brand. Like a brand like She Lara. It’s about beauty. Hmm. Beauty of watchmaking, beauty of the looks, the size, the designs

[00:24:34] Kristian: all good. Yeah. I just want to correct myself, uh, in terms of the name of that.

[00:24:41] The queen gambit,

[00:24:42] Nick: the queens gambit. Okay, because I’m now checking the press release with, uh, Anna Taylor Joy. Yeah. Okay. Amazing.

[00:24:48] Kristian: Amazing. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s from 2020. It’s a really great Netflix, uh, series, uh, Queen Gambit about a female chess player that wins the world.

[00:24:58] Nick: Yes. And

[00:24:59] Kristian: when you see [00:25:00] that, look at her atti.

[00:25:03] Look how she dresses like a white queen in the end. Sorry, I’m spoil breaker here. , but I mean, it’s, it’s just a really elegant series. I really, really appreciate it and she is just a great actor. Congratulations to sh Kuk for adding her on that. Um, did we miss anything? It’s

[00:25:20] Nick: good to know that we’re now also for our audience have, uh, this usual weekend bench advice.

[00:25:26] Yeah. On

[00:25:27] Kristian: Netflix, whatever. We will come up with something else. These days when I’m in my rowing machine in the morning, I watch an episode of Breaking Bad. Never a Dull Moment. That is always good as one thing. How’s the time doing? 26? 26? Six. One last thing. Yeah. Pmo,

[00:25:44] Nick: bmo. Yeah. You, you shared it with me this morning and I saw it passing by.

[00:25:49] I mm-hmm. . I, I have to admit, I’m, I’m sorry for that. It’s my mistake. , Uh uh, uh, Bremont is always out of my scope somehow. Hmm. Mine too. This, This is

[00:25:59] Kristian: really a good looking [00:26:00] watch. Okay. That’s what you think? Yeah. What do you think? Do you think it’s an $8,000

[00:26:04] Nick: good looking watch? That’s one of my, the challenges with Bremont.

[00:26:09] I always think they’re overpriced. We don’t know enough about the branch. No, that’s I had That’s,

[00:26:14] Kristian: But they have made them mistakes. Yeah. And, and, and the problem with the, with grumpy journalists, we never, ever forget the mistakes. Like when Tao claimed they had an in-house movement, it turned out it was a sao Yeah.

[00:26:26] Which they bought the rights for to produce. And, and when, uh, BMO came out and said they had an inhouse movement, it was. But they are definitely doing their deeds to bring back, uh, uh, British watchmaking, which I appreciate

[00:26:38] Nick: a lot. Yeah. Let’s see if we can, uh, invest a bit more time in Bremont. Yeah. Somehow.

[00:26:43] Sure. Because they deserve We should probably go there. We, we should go there. We should have a talk. So Bremont, if you’re listening.

[00:26:48] Kristian: Yeah, we’re open invite. We’ll come over and have a chat with you guys. Go to the pub and discuss

[00:26:52] Nick: your. Okay. And for the rest, uh, everyone, thank you for listening. Please, uh, share the comments with us.

[00:26:59] We see that [00:27:00] the comments are a bit declining these days, but we’re continuing anyway, and we would, we love the discussion with you either on YouTube or Instagram or everywhere. Please do and also

[00:27:10] Kristian: tell us what Netflix series you like to watch because we also need to bench something once. Wow. Yeah, we need some advice there as well.

[00:27:17] Downloading for watching in the planes. Thank you so much for watching. Bye-Bye.


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